Upload a Video Every Day or Fail!

Have you ever heard the advice that you need to upload a video every single day or you'll fail?

Let me tell you, it couldn't be further from the truth. The YouTube algorithm won't punish you for not uploading every day, but there are a few factors that play a role in how your channel performs.

Let's take a look at two different scenarios to illustrate this point.

Scenario 1: Burning Out

You started with uploading every single day for 1 straight month or year and gained momentum.

But now, you're burned out and can't deliver 1 video every single day. Your views are dropping and regular viewers are not showing up.


Think about it from your audience's perspective. They got 1 video every single day for the past year. Now they go to your channel and there's no new video? They're disappointed. Does that happen for 3-4 days in a row? They might just move on to watch other videos. The algorithm is made up of humans watching your videos, and they have expectations. If you overdeliver and then stop one day, you're setting yourself up for disappointment.

Scenario 2: Finding a Sustainable Model

You upload one video every 3rd day for 1 year straight and gain momentum.

In between, you sprinkle in some bonus videos that you announce through the community tab whenever you have bonus time without stressing yourself.

It's 1 year later and you can do this forever because you found a sustainable model for you and your life.

How did find my sustainable model?

  • Create a schedule: Decide on a schedule that works for you and stick to it. For me, it turned out to be one long-form video every second day. Followed by one or two shorts every other day. This gives me one and a half days to work on the long form and a half days time to work on multiple short-form videos.
  • Mix it up: If you find the bonus time you can always create more videos and hand them to your community as a bonus. Always remember to keep it sustainable and use the community tab to announce if a bonus video is coming.
  • Be realistic: Be realistic about what you can handle. If you're a student, you may not have the time to upload a video every day. If you're working full-time, you may not have the energy to make long-form videos every day. Be realistic about your capabilities and find a schedule that works for you.


The truth is, the YouTube algorithm is not punishing you for not uploading every single day. It's all about finding a sustainable model that works for you and your audience. Don't burn yourself out by trying to upload a video every day. Instead, be realistic about what you can handle and find a schedule that works for you. And remember, it's not about uploading a video every day, it's about building a strong and loyal audience that comes back to your channel time and time again.

How to write better Youtube Titles & Working Formulas

720.000 Views in 13 Days

Why this works:

Curiosity/Problem - Common game that a lot of people played and enjoyed with a mod you might know or not. Why was using the Elden Ring Randomizer a mistake? Does it make the game too hard or does it make random bosses appear somewhere on the map? WHAT IS RANDOM ABOUT THE RANDOMIZER?

Challenge - Trying something for the first time always has people engaged. Because they are expecting you to go in blind and not know what is coming your way.

How to use this formula in your content:

Play modded versions of games that used to be popular or are still popular. For Souls-like games, there are tons of mods and Skyrim has so many as well!

Examples of this formula in action:

  1. I tried Skyrim + AI MOD and it was horrifying
  2. I build the ultimate dungeon in Minecraft Twilight Forest Mod and you can't beat it!

Why this works:

Challenge/Curiosity: Playing a popular game in a certain way to increase the challenge or to make it heaps easier. Like using certain weapons in Elden Ring to almost one hit every single boss.

Curiosity - What is an aggressive stealth playstyle? Did the person play vastly different from what I did?

Nostalgia - Watching a playthrough of a classic game that the audience loved

How to use this formula in your content:

Playing a popular game in a limited playstyle/not intended playstyle that makes it harder/easier. (Can be cheese/troll tactics as well)

Examples of this formula in action:

  1. Skyrim Assassin Gameplay - They wont see me coming!
  2. Doom but only using the CHAINSAW

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