The Ultimate Guide to Live Streaming

Many are told to live stream as much as possible, finishing their day job and squeezing in 6-8 hours daily. But the reality is, it's simply not possible for most people, especially with family and kids in the mix.

So, how much live streaming is enough? How long should you be online?

The answer is simple - it's all about having a clear, communicated schedule.

How Many Days Should You Live Stream?

It doesn't matter how many days you live stream as long as you can fit it into your schedule without burning out or neglecting your life. The most important thing is to clearly and visibly communicate your days. Whether you can only live stream once a week or three to four times a week, make it a big event that everyone looks forward to.

What About Stream Length?

More is better, right? Not necessarily! The optimal stream length is 3-4 hours, but even if you only have 1 or 2 hours, that's fine.

In these three to four hours, you should give it your all - maximum entertainment, chat interaction, good topics, and gameplay.

And don't worry if you prefer playing story games. Shorter episodes create more anticipation in the long run! Remember, not everyone can watch 3-4 hours in a row, so don't put too much pressure on yourself. Most people only have 10-20 minutes to watch or maybe 1-2 hours to let it run in the background.

My Schedule If I Were to Start Over

If I were starting over, my schedule would look like this:

  • Live stream 3-4 hours on three days a week to create content for long and short-form videos
  • On the other four days, turn the content you create into long-form content
  • Educational guides using your content as B-roll
  • Reviews of games you've played
  • Funny moments and chats you had with your chat for short videos and Tiktoks

If you are curious about the optimal amount of youtube videos check last week's newsletter for the answer:

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Plan Your Content Ahead of Time

The most important thing is to plan your content ahead of time. For example, if you're going to play Hogwarts Legacy, plan a video series called "Can You Avada Kedavra It?" and while playing, try to Avada Kedavra everything. Or, plan a series of shorts focusing on the details in Hogwarts and while playing, keep an eye out for these details to get the B-roll footage for your shorts.

The Bottom Line

Live streaming is a great way to entertain and engage with your audience, but it's essential to find a schedule that works for you. Don't feel pressured to live stream every day for hours on end. Instead, focus on having a clear and communicated schedule, optimal stream length, and planned content.

So, take a deep breath, and remember, the ultimate goal is to have fun and create great content for your audience!

How to write better Youtube Titles & Working Formulas

784.734 Views in 3 Weeks

Why this works:

Broad Audience - Very popular game which has been highly anticipated by fans and not fans alike.

Comparison - Explain all the details about the different release editions a game has with every single perk that you get for buying the respective version. Saving others' time and helping them with their decision-making.

How to use this formula in your content:

Choose any game that is about to be released with different editions (especially if collectors' editions exist) and create a buyer's guide.

  1. Is the Elden Ring Collectors Edition worth it?
  2. Atomic Heart Limited Edition is a must-buy!

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The Ultimate Guide to Live Streaming