Cracking the YouTube Success Code

  • Quantity is not about pumping out videos at lightning speed, but about experimenting with different concepts, topics, and styles.
  • Quality is taking those concepts that resonated with your audience and iterating on them, making them better with each video.
  • Striking the balance between quantity and quality is key to building a successful YouTube channel.

The YouTube world is filled with one piece of advice that is often carelessly thrown around: "quantity over quality." But is this really the key to success on the platform? Let's dive deeper into this popular piece of advice and explore how to strike the right balance between creating content quickly and creating content that truly resonates with your audience.

  • Quantity: The Power of Experimentation Quantity doesn't mean blindly creating as many videos as possible without any regard for quality. Instead, it's about trying out different types of content and experimenting with different concepts, topics, and styles. It's a chance to test different storytelling hooks, pacing, and editing styles to see what works best for your channel.
  • Quality: The Key to Growth Once you've experimented with different types of content, it's time to focus on quality. This is where you take your growing concepts and iterate on them, making them better with each video. By focusing on quality, you'll be able to improve the flow and transitions in your videos, find the right music to complement your content, and make sure that your titles are compelling and accurately reflect what your video is about.
  • Quantity and Quality: A Balanced Approach The truth is, building a successful YouTube channel requires a balanced approach to both quantity and quality. By experimenting with different types of content and focusing on quality, you'll be able to create videos that truly resonate with your audience. And as you continue to grow and improve, you'll be able to strike the perfect balance between creating content quickly and creating content that truly stands out.

Starting with Youtube and going on for years is a Marathon, not a sprint. Some people might go instant viral and then miss capitalizing on their success because they forget the basics!

How to write better Youtube Titles & Working Formulas

1.3 Million Views in 2 Month

Why this works:

Broad Audience - Everyone asked themselves this question as a kid or growing up adult. Why don't we just do it? Seems like the perfect solution just get it up, detonate it in space, and win-win.

Curiosity - Finally finding an answer to a question you have asked yourself many times. This Video is also great "social currency" it's the knowledge you will want to share with your friends because you finally know an answer to something they might have been asking themselves as well.

Questioning Common Ideas/Beliefs - If it was that easy to just shoot atomic waste into space why hasn't it been done? Is our government incompetent? Does storing it in mines not make the most sense? The Video attacks everything you believe to know about atomic waste and how to get rid of it

How to use this formula in your content:

Challenge some common beliefs/ideas/theories by testing the opposite and answering if it makes sense or not.

Examples of this formula in action:

  1. Minecraft is not a game for children and here is why! (There is a lot of Minecraft horror/adult content that's quite mental)
  2. Forget about LOW DPI in Counter Strike - You are falling behind! (A huge part of the internet still believes in the "Gotta play with 400-800dpi" shenanigans from the past)
120k Views in 7 Days

Why this works:

Broad Audience - Everyone that used to love and still likes the Ghost Recon franchise but also people questioning "why would you play a 5-year-old game?"

Curiosity - What is so special about Ghost Recon Breakpoint in 2023? Did it get a big update? Did all the bugs get fixed? Is there a DLC!?

How to use this formula in your content:

Play some games after a certain time frame (2-5 years) and check if they are still worth playing or got even better. This concept works every year again!

Examples of this formula in action:

  1. Frostpunk in 2023 is better than any AAA release (added an overpromise)
  2. Hearthstone in 2023... still pay 2 win? (testing a common belief - maybe add a challenge like f2p legend)

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The Quantity vs Quality Debate