Monday is my favorite day of the week because it allows me to reset my mental state and start fresh.

By putting all metrics, such as followers and views, at zero in my mind, I can focus on the success of each day rather than feeling overwhelmed by past performance.

Did you gain one follower? Huge Bonus!
Did you gain one single sub? We are already in the plus!
Did you make a single sale? That MRR is rising!

This allows me to approach my work with a positive attitude and a focus on continuous improvement.

While past metrics are still important for analysis and optimization, starting each week with a clean slate allows me to approach my work with a clear mind and a determination to succeed.

How to write better Youtube Titles & Working Formulas

1.569.963 Views in 6 Days

Why this works:

Broad Audience - Gamers might ask themselves how Elden Ring would look for someone who has never played Games and Non-Gamers might want to see someone like "them" have a first experience with Gaming.

Desire - Watch someone play a challenging game that you struggled with. Watch a Non-Gamer turn Gamer (the dream?). Have someone experience "our" world.

How to use this formula in your content:

Choose something you have never experienced before and give your audience a first-time experience

Examples of this formula in action:

  1. How Flight Simulators feel for someone with Vertigo (included a Challenge)
  2. What Rainbow Six Siege is like as a NEW PLAYER (could be turned into a Tutorial)
532.262 Views in 1 Month

Why this works:

We all love lists and here we are given 5 items that promise to change our desk (common element) and make everything better (promise/status change)

This appeals to a broad audience going from viewers enjoying DIY projects but also viewers merely interested (curiosity) in finding out what those respective 5 elements will be.

How to use this formula in your content:

Give your Audience a List of things that resonate with a common element they know of and promise a change of status/emotion/productivity!

Examples of this formula in action:

  1. 10 Aiming Secrets (bonus curiosity item) that will improve your Aim by 80% (tangible value)
  2. 5 Incredible (overpromise) sewing habits you need to develop! (challenge)

One of the biggest Creator Mistakes to date!


OPENLY and VISIBILY communicate your Schedule to your Audience

  • At what time are you live/uploading a video?
  • Which days do you go live/upload videos?

This can be done through a pinned comment on Twitter, the information in your social media banners, and in your channel information.

Do Daily "IAM LIVE TWEETS" actually help?

This is a tricky question with a simple answer

  • Only if you add value to your live tweet!

What does that mean? Posting "I am Live come click the link" does nothing for your viewers apart from giving them the information they have already (because you have a published schedule).

But if you add value to that post the retention will grow tremendously

  • Explain in your tweet what is being done today in which time frame
  • Add a Picture of yourself
  • Include a Video of a great/funny/educational moment

Your followers have to read your live tweet and gain something from it! Do not forget to include your link! Yes, 100% put your link in there. Twitter is not suppressing your tweets with links you are just not making them interesting enough for your audience to like and share!

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